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Industrial Filter Fabrics

We are dealing in Industrial Fabrics, which are utilized for manufacturing components of structures, machines and assorted other technical articles. These are made from virtually all kinds of textile threads and fibers. Some of certain nonindustrial materials are also used for the making of these products. Employed for industrial purposes in the fabrication of tracing gaskets, cloth, and covers or some others these are commonly subjected to more strong wear and tear in comparison with nonindustrial fabrics. The Industrial Fabrics we offer are highly demanded for their assorted application as these are incorporated with fire resistance and bond ability strength.

Key Points:
  • Can be also utilized for parachutes and the shells of expansive structures.
  • Applicative for tents, flexible skirts on air-cushion vehicles, leather utilities, and sieves.
  • Utilized for manufacturing drive and conveyor belts, have warps with significantly higher denseness than the wefts.
  • Applicative for equipment, which transports matters under a vacuum or in a pressure.
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polypropylene filter fabric

Polypropylene fabric is characterized by sleekness, excellent permeability and nil moisture absorption. Its excellent cake release will significantly shorten cleaning time as well as filter cycle.

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industrial filter fab

We bring forth a wide assortment of Fabrics for Modern Filtration Equipment, Membrane Filtration for our clients. Offered for modern filtration equipment, these ensure perfect dimensional stability even under severe operational conditions. The ready-made ups are known as Laser Cut, ensuring precise fit and consistency in each and every piece. These filters offer cloth for Centrifuges, Fluid Bed Dryers,